The Four Directions-Winter Exhibition

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Laura Adams - Horned Lark and Barbed Wire

We are pleased to announce our new exhibition in Beaver Creek, The Four Directions. This show features four different artists residing in the four regions of the United States: North, South, East, and West.

The Four Directions features the work of artists Laura Adams, Billy Hassell, Nicole Gaitan, and Marylin Borglum. In addition to their own region, these artists are influenced by all regions around the country.

If you wish to acquire any of these fine works, please call the Colorado gallery at 970-949-6036.


Laura has lived in the South East most of her life and has become partial to the flora and fauna; from the green, misty mountains of the Nantahala rain forest to the soft and humid climes of the low country. When she travels out west, she is wholly captivated by the colors and by the unfamiliar and the ever-declining presence of the showy Gunnison Sage Grouse.

“This bird spends most of its year hunkered behind its scrappy namesake bushes, only to emerge in early spring in one of the most amazingly brazen courtship displays our country has to offer. The dance, the feather spikes, the puffing, and the competition – it is all so big, strange, and beautiful. Then there is the more sublime, such as the Horned Lark, unless you look more closely. This small, brown, sparrow-like bird is our only native Lark species. If you get up close to it, you can see the lovely yellow washes, the intriguing mask, and the quirky feather tufts on top of the male’s head, which give it his name. It defends the nests made in the dirt of a field, the more degraded the field the better, by shooting up hundreds of yards in the air, only to spiral downward while making angry twitters. Then there is the dive bomb towards the nest at the end. Quite the defense strategy. The small group of works for this show help tell the story of my experience when visiting the West, primarily from a “bird’s eye” view.” – Laura Adams

Laura lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been an avid bird watcher and hiker for many years. Her artwork reflects the joy I experience in nature and her spiritual journey through nature. Many artists have inspired her, including Matisse’s collages, Audubon’s watercolors, Klimt’s colorful mosaics, and O’Keeffe’s sense of purpose and self.


Billy’s journey to becoming an artist began during his childhood in Dallas where he explored the wild areas and creeks of his neighborhood. His imagination was fueled by the colors and geometric patterns of turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, and any other creatures he could fit in his pockets to carry home. His mother, a saint, let him keep what he brought home. When he first started drawing creatures, he began his life’s work and his artistic career. Billy then headed north to study at the University of Notre Dame and Massachusetts which contributed to the development of the style he paints today.

The New York Times described Billy as “Mother Nature’s Stylist.” He, with his colorful paintings, continues in the natural field, bringing the outdoors indoors for his collectors. Today Billy lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his two dogs in an urban neighborhood. His studio is a few blocks down the street in an old storefront where he paints daily. He has created a backyard oasis with many birds, flowers, and a pond filled with turtles, fish, and toads. He has brought his love of the outdoors to his urban home and he continues to express his love of nature in his work.


Nicole Gaitan is a self-taught artist who has been painting for as long as she can remember. She worked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, during her summers at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Her undying affection for art continues to guide her career path to new and exciting heights. For Gaitan, contrast is the primary focus, whether that is expressed in expansive color pockets or complex punctuation. She has collected many awards for her work, which is collected across the country and abroad.

“All Life is an Experiment” is really the essence of how I’d like to live my life. My art is a reflection of that. Ralph Waldo Emerson is perhaps my favorite writer and philosopher and he said it best with this simple quote. Why not make the most out of life by experimenting with the short time we have on this Earth?” – Nicole Gaitan

Nicole lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and paints not only animals native to her area but also animals from all over the country.


Marilyn Borglum, a contemporary painter from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been drawing horses since a very young age. Her grandmother Marion Ewald and her grandmother’s uncles Gutzon and Solon Borglum were all professional artists. In doing so, she imitated Leonardo Da Vinci’s horse drawings at just the age of just four.

Her equine drawings have played an extremely significant role in her artistic career, but she is now finding inspiration in all kinds of places. Like her most recent floral series. This floral series was inspired by Marylin’s frequent visits to the Chicago Botanic Gardens where she imitated the beauty of the flowers in her own unique style. In all of Marylin’s works, she portrays an emotion using acrylic paint on canvas or charcoal on paper. Marylin resides in the Chicago suburbs where she paints and finds inspiration each day.