Joseph Sulkowski: Apokalupsis at the Morris Museum of Art

Joseph Sulkowski-art-gallery-art gallery-artist-painter-dogs-sporting-hunting-bird dogs-allegory-greek-mural-Apokalupsis
Joseph Sulkowski - Apokalupsis Bozzetta

Paderewski Fine Art & The Sportsman’s Gallery, Ltd. is thrilled to share the news of an extraordinary solo exhibition by artist Joseph Sulkowski titled Apokalupsis: An Uncovering, now on view at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia, from March 1st to April 28, 2024.

Apokalupsis: An Uncovering offers a unique opportunity to explore Sulkowski’s artistic vision through Apokalupsis a Greek word meaning to uncover or to lift the veil to reveal something new. The exhibition offers a comprehensive retrospective, spanning the artist’s illustrious career and showcasing the evolution of his style and thematic concerns. From luminous landscapes to poignant portraits, each artwork in the collection serves as a window into Sulkowski’s multifaceted artistic vision. With over 30 works of art, this exhibition explores some of humanity’s deepest questions. The central focus of the show is an eight-by-thirteen-foot mural that explores the universal connection we have with each other, all of life, and the planet itself, using a pack of hounds as an allegory. It is the product of a lifetime of personal reflection and the artist’s contemplation of the very meaning of human existence. Amidst the grandeur of the Morris Museum of Art, Sulkowski’s paintings come alive, capturing the essence of the natural world with unparalleled authenticity and grace.

The remarkable contributions by Joseph Sulkowski to the world of sporting and hunting art continue to resonate with audiences around the globe, capturing the imagination and igniting a passion for the great outdoors. We hope that you can visit the Morris Museum of Art to see this incredible exhibition if you are in the area!

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