Forbes: For Sculptor Michael Barlow, His Bronze Age Started Early

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Michael Barlow - Battle Royale

Our talented Michael Barlow was recently featured in a Forbes article by Chris Dorsey.

Follow the links to the full article and his work below.

“Some kids are suited for learning in a classroom, for others education begins when they leave. For six-year-old Michael Barlow, paging through his father’s extensive collection of art books on African wildlife awakened a muse that would lead to his life’s work and an unshakable bond with wild animals and their habitats. While growing up in his family cabin in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains, he began modeling in clay the animals he uncovered in his father’s books.

Then, at age 10, came a seminal opportunity for Barlow when his family took a month-long safari to Kenya in 1973. For young Barlow, it was a chance to walk among the Maasai and visit the land of his dreams that would forever instill a fascination with wild places, new cultures, and fantastic beasts.

That early journey ignited Barlow’s passion for travel, eventually leading him across the globe to many of the wildest places on our planet—the kind of landscapes that fed his fascination for animals and art…”