All Creatures Great & Small On View Now Through November 11th In Nashville

Laura Adams - Mississippi Kites and Cicada at Sunrise

The Nashville gallery is pleased to present All Creatures Great & Small, a solo exhibition by Laura Adams now on view. The show will run until November 11th and features various species of animals great and small. Whether you prefer tall Giraffes or tiny kingfishers there is something for everybody in this exhibition!

“This latest body of work explores my fascination with a wide variety of creatures that make up our natural world. Inspired by my recent travels in the United States and in Africa, what came to mind was a melting pot of life, a peaceable kingdom of birds and other fauna, some large and some small. The birds set the tone, sitting in the tree tops and bushes, creating the outline of the world inhabited by the others. There’s a screech of a pair of Mississippi Kites in the early morning hours on the Georgia coast, feasting on the abundance of cicadas buzzing about. The joyful twinkling song of the Bobolinks in a Michigan grassland say goodnight in the dusky evening light. Scarlet Tanagers surprise us in the deep green summer forest, the brilliant red of the male flashing brightly against the leaves. The birds of Africa delight at every turn of the head, unlikely colors of blue, pink and orange catching the September sun. Then I turn when I hear the lioness roar to attract her mate on the Serengeti plains. I notice the handsome buck moving silently through the spring forest. The giraffe pokes its head quietly around a bend in a tree. I am reminded of the poem celebrating all creatures great and small.”

– Laura Adams

Please call the Nashville gallery at 615-516-9766 or email for more information.