Hindsight 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope you will take the time to read this because it is a bit longer of a show introduction than normal. We began planning this exhibition and even named this show back in March when the world began to understand the magnitude of Covid-19 and recognized it as a true global pandemic. I am by no stretch a genius or mind reader, but as a father of three boys living in a spacious home with access to numerous outdoor activities all while social distancing it became apparent to me that there was going to be a mass exodus from densely populated cities. I love my family more than words can express but we all need space, which small city dwellings do not often offer during quarantine.

Fast forward nine months and lo and behold, real estate in markets like those in which we are located (Beaver Creek, Charleston, Nashville and my home town of Savannah) are booming. Although it may upset some that the rural spaces, rivers and fields are full of new faces, please be aware of one important detail. For years I have discussed with many of you the detrimental effect of not having more people, especially youth, getting involved in sporting and outdoor activities. The importance of these new recruits for the conservation and preservation of the lifestyle we live and hope to pass down to our children and grandchildren is immeasurable. So, before you begrudge those fishermen in their sparkly new waders and vests void of stains from years of use, try to be a little more patient and appreciative, as they are the future of our sports. It took some a while to get there but hindsight is 2020.

This show is dedicated to all aspects of our enjoyment of the outdoors, from the hunting and fishing to the wildlife and unique moments we haphazardly encounter.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

Michael Paderewski