Susan Easton

Born and raised in upstate New York, Susan now lives and paints on a small farm in rural Georgia. After teaching art at several schools throughout her career, Susan is now able to focus solely on her own work. Her technique begins with uncontained energy that allows the paint to dictate the subject before refining the image. In essence, Susan’s conversation with the viewer always begins with a conversation with the paint.

“Spontaneity and intuition are the two most important concepts I try to convey in my art. The spontaneous underpainting gives way to an image that appears intuitively. The nature of paint is messy and I like to acknowledge that. This is a reminder that in nature, order comes from chaos.

While our mind-dominated world changes to a more feeling world, we struggle for balance. Every painting is an opportunity for me to reconnect with a more intuitive part of myself. Every viewer is given this opportunity to connect with their feelings as well. The people in my life help me to express pain and pleasure. Then, in turn, I put that on a canvas to share with others. We are a world of people that want to connect by our very nature.”