Roger Blum


Roger was born in Watsonville, CA. This beautiful coastal region of northern California provided Roger with an abundance of streams, lakes and fields in which to hunt, fish and explore. Roger took his first art class late in High School where he first saw images of Winslow Homers watercolors and Adirondack sporting scenes which he says started a “buzz” to paint, which has never left.

His formal education ended with a Master’s Degree in illustration from San Jose State University in California. After being drafted in 1965, Roger was chosen to be a combat artist in Vietnam. His paintings and drawings of this conflict have been exhibited in numerous museums and venues across the country.

After the military, Roger was hired as an illustrator for Hallmark Cards Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri. He went on in 1972 to teach Art at Atlantic Union College in So. Lancaster, MA and Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA where he taught Art for thirteen years before deciding to paint full time in 1984.

Roger has studied with two masters of both watercolor and oil, namely Tom Nicholas, NA, AWS, and Vernon Nye, AWS. “I strive to find my own language as I interpret the scene before me” says Roger.  “Each subject must resonate with my own field experience and go beyond mere vision. Some great master’s of the past that I enjoy are Winslow Homer (1836-1910), Frank Benson (1862-1951), Roy Mason (1886-1972) and William J. Kaula (1871-1953). I admire the works of some very gifted contemporary painter’s as well and have counted it a privilege to paint alongside some of them.

His sporting art has been reproduced in numerous national Sporting Journals, and hangs in numerous private and corporate art collections. Roger has won awards in both watercolor and oil, to include what he considers his highest honor, Alumni of the Year in 2002 from his High School in Watsonville CA, where Roger says it all began.
“I continue to be inspired by God’s wonderful creation and love to paint all the seasons, however if it had to be fall every month, I would be thrilled!”

Roger continues his passion to paint the wonderful world of the Wild and Beautiful. “I know that whatever I paint, I do it all to the glory of God”.

Roger and his wife Renée live in Stillwater, MN with their side kick Silky Terrier dog, named Champ.