June 22th - July 13th
Birds of a Feather
2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a piece of legislation that protects countless aviary species each year. With this special anniversary, The National Audubon Society has teamed up with National Geographic, BirdLife International, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, to make 2018 ''The Year of the Bird''.

Paderewski Fine Art acknowledges this celebration with an invitational exhibition that features a variety of contemporary artistic styles with a focus on birds, and the flora and fauna found in their natural habitats.

July 14th-19th
Intimate Viewing with Sculptor Margaret Thompson
Margaret Thompson
Join us this week for a close-up look at the sculpture of our very own Margaret Thompson. Stop by the gallery between 11am-2pm on Thursday or noon-4 on Friday, and Saturday to meet the artist.
July 20th - August 10th
Western Perspectives
Colorado's history is rich with stories of the wild west, with legends such as Jesse James and the wild ''Buffalo Bill'' having roamed the Colorado landscape. Even today, ranching and cowboy culture is still alive and well in parts of the state.

This fall, Paderewski Fine Arts celebrates the history and culture of the western frontier through the lens of contemporary realism. With artists such as Bill Harrison and Gregory Block, the works will explore the Wild West that has become legend, and the traditions that have remained intact, carrying through to a modern day vision of the west.

July 26th-29th
David Jackson Artist in Residence
Utah native, David Jackson will bring his latest collection as well as paint throughout the village. His whitty sense of humor coupled with his majestic landscapes is sure to impress visitors.
August 4th-5th
Beaver Creek Arts Festival
Douglas Aagard
Beaver Creek Arts Festival is back!   Douglas Aagard and Pat Matthews are looking forward to another fantastic weekend in the Colorado sun.